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Hattrick for SUSE at Readers’ Choice IT-Awards 2017

By: Vera Schneider

October 17, 2017 6:35 am



Blog by Michael Jores, SUSE Readers vote for SUSE as best DevOps solution, Gold and Silver Awards for Software Defined Infrastructure and Software Defined Storage Third year in a row, about 32.000 readers of the seven Insider-portals BigData-Insider, CloudComputing-Insider, DataCenter-Insider, Dev-Insider, IP-Insider, Security-Insider and Storage-Insider have voted for the best IT solutions in Germany.   …

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New Research Shows Hybrid Cloud Takes Center Stage


By: jvonvoros

October 17, 2017 5:35 am



  It’s probably not news to anyone that cloud computing has upended traditional IT and has continued to grow unabated for years.    Many commentators have suggested that the term “cloud” will disappear from our lexicon as it has become completely ubiquitous.  IT professionals must now defend their choice to not put a new workload into …

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SUSECON: simply impressed


By: Marijn

October 16, 2017 11:01 am



It’s been more than one week now since I joined SUSECON17 in Prague. What struck me most were the utmost positive remarks partners and customers made during the week. Here are some of my impressions of a wonderful week in the Czech capital. I have been talking to many people during the conference. At least …

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Containers, watch out! Big Brother is watching you!

By: joachimwerner

October 12, 2017 3:33 pm



At SUSECON 2017 I interviewed Michele Bologna and Johannes Renner about the latest features our engineers added to SUSE Manager: If you are too busy to watch the 2-minute video, here’s the summary of what’s new in SUSE Manager 3.1.2, our latest maintenance update: SUSE Manager is now watching your containers running on SUSE Container …

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Want to leverage Intel Skylake for SAP HANA? 100+ appliances from 6 vendors certified with SUSE Linux

Michael Tabron

By: Michael Tabron

October 11, 2017 12:37 pm



(Note: This is a re-posting of Dirk Oppenkowski’s October 4, 2017 LinkedIn article.) According to the CERTIFIED AND SUPPORTED SAP HANA® HARDWARE DIRECTORY following server vendors have certified appliances using the latest Intel Skylake architecture: Cisco Dell Fujitsu HPE Huawei Lenovo Up to 8 sockets and 12 TB memory are available for following scale-up SAP …

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SUSE Sponsors IBM Conference in the Big Easy

Michael Tabron

By: Michael Tabron

October 11, 2017 10:34 am



Once again SUSE is a proud sponsor of the IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage Technical University this time in New Orleans, also known as “The Big Easy”, the week of October 16th. And with SUSE open source solutions it doesn’t get any “Easy-er” (I’m sorry … that was bad) to deploy and maintain SAP …

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What is a CVE and How Can It Benefit Me?

J. S. Evans

By: J. S. Evans

October 10, 2017 3:25 pm



Like a lot of the things that I write here, this is a question that came up in a ticket that I worked on recently. A customer recently received a message like this: Samba is a freely available file- and printer-sharing application maintained and developed by the Samba Development Team. Samba allows users to share …

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Poznaj innowacje ze świata systemu Linux, kontenerów i pamięci SDS

Rafal Kruschewski

By: Rafal Kruschewski

October 10, 2017 9:30 am



Na dorocznej konferencji SUSECON, która odbyła się pod koniec września br. w czeskiej Pradze, firma SUSE zaprezentowała szereg nowych rozwiązań open source ułatwiających dostarczanie i obsługę aplikacji w kontenerach, rewolucjonizujących rynek pamięci masowej i stosowanie backupu na dyskach oraz upraszczających zarządzanie heterogenicznym środowiskiem serwerów Linux. Część z nich właśnie pojawiła się na rynku, jak narzędzie …

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Felhőszolgáltatók, figyelem!

Zsolt Hargitai

By: Zsolt Hargitai

October 10, 2017 4:12 am



Van egy jó hírünk a felhőszolgáltatóknak: itt az ő igényeikre szabott megoldás a SUSE OpenStack Cloud (lemez)képében. Privátfelhő-platformunk ideális, szoftveresen vezérelt megoldás innovatív üzleti szolgáltatások fejlesztéséhez, adatközpontok modernizálásához vagy a fejlesztési és üzemeltetési folyamatok összehangolásához. A platform segítségével a szervezetek infrastruktúraszolgáltatásban működő privát felhőket hozhatnak létre rendkívül egyszerűen, és ehhez csupán minimális erőforrásra, illetve informatikai …

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There’s Less to This Than Meets the Eye

Michael Tabron

By: Michael Tabron

October 9, 2017 4:01 am



As the SUSE Product Marketing Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, I’m always interested in what our competitors may be planning. So when a colleague forwarded these tweets, it really piqued my curiosity:   “Great and unique announcements from Red HAT (sic) regarding SAP HANA.” Was my job messaging and differentiating the …

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