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"Where’s The Chameleon?" – We have a winner!



Three months ago we asked you to go out, into the world, and take pictures of our beloved mascot.  Any sort of pictures you wanted — with any kind of Chameleon you had available.  We posed you the question, “Where’s the Chameleon?

And you responded.  In a big way.  Photos with the hashtag “#WheresTheChameleon” came in from around the globe.  And, let me tell you, coming up with our favorites proved to be a daunting task indeed!  A big thank you — and a hearty round of applause — to everyone that took park.

And now… on to the winners!

Grand Prize: Edgar M. Toro

WTC-1It was a tough call on Edgar’s photo.  Either this was going to be the winning picture… or Edgar should be disqualified with extreme prejudice.  Using adorable kids in the picture to ensure victory?  Now, Edgar.  That’s just not playing fair.

Prize: Edgar, we’re giving you a free registration for SUSECon 2014.  And, to make sure you look snazzy, we’ll be sending you a SUSE leather jacket.  Oh, and two little plush Chameleons for the kids.  Seeing as they did most of the work and all.

Runner Up #1: Andrew Wafaa

WTC-Runner1Your eyes do not deceive you.  That, right there, is a Chameleon riding atop a Parrot AR.Drone.

That’s right.  A flying Chameleon.  He won’t be held back by little things like “gravity”.  No sir.  The Chameleon reaches for the sky.

Prize: Choice of either one large, plush Chameleon or a SUSE backpack.

Runner Up #2: Andrew Elwell

WTC-Runner2In this action shot, the Chameleon is spotted racing — on what appears to be a Roomba — around a Cray mainframe at the iVEC center for high performance computing in Australia.

His opponent?  Happy Cheeks, the quokka — the mascot of iVEC.

Prize: Choice of a SUSE backpack or a large, plush Chameleon.  (This is the same prize as the 1st runner up, but listed in the opposite order.  Which makes it technically different.)

To all the winners: You will be contacted via Twitter Direct Message with details on how to claim your prizes.

If you didn’t win, worry not!  You’ve still got a little time to get some early-bird discounts to SUSECon 2014… which, I am pretty sure, is where all the cool Chameleons will be hanging out this November.


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