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Where’s The Chameleon?


Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for the most epic contest to ever grace the Internet: “Where’s the Chameleon?”.

The (Simple) Rules

GeekoInFranceStep 1) Take a picture with the SUSE Chameleon.

Step 2) Post that picture to the social network of your choice (Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus).  Make sure to use the hashtag “#WheresTheChameleon” and tag SUSE (@SUSE on Twitter, @SUSEWorldwide on Facebook, +SUSE on Google Plus) in your post.

Step 3) That’s it! The deadline for entries is August 31st.  Winning entries will be announced on September 2nd.  Right here (and on Twitter, Facebook and G+).

The Prizes

Grand Prize: A complimentary pass to SUSECon 2014 in sunny Orlando, Florida and a SUSE leather jacket (to keep you warm on those cold, wintry Florida nights).

Runner-up Prizes: Winners choice of a large, plush SUSE Chameleon (always a hit at every convention) or a SUSE backpack (these are some seriously nice backpacks, folks).

Everyone who participates will be made instantly Internet-Famous.  Pictures just might appear here on SUSE.com or any of the various social media sites.

Pro Tips

GeekoGoRoundNote that there is no apostrophe (‘) in the hashtag (“#WheresTheChameleon”).  Apostrophe’s break hashtags.

Don’t have access to an official SUSE Chameleon plushie (we give them out at conferences such as SAPPHIRE NOW)?  An actual chameleon, or a picture of a chameleon, will do in a pinch.

Get creative.  Landmarks.  People.  Signs.  Nature.  Buildings.  Go nuts!



  • Avatar photo rgaiotto says:

    Hey Bryan

    I don’t have such nice Chameleon like yours. Can I use any kind of chameleon ?

    I promisse to do not try to hunt any of the real ones hahaha

  • rgaiotto:

    Any kind of chameleon works! Real chameleons. Toy chameleons. Chameleons that you draw with a crayon. They are all allowed!

  • Avatar photo victorhck says:

    And the Geeko goes to….
    ‘ve phun!! :þ

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