Visit SUSE at Lenovo Accelerate 2019 for a datacenter transformation!


Yes, the city of Orlando is busy those days.

We will be just checking out of SAP SAPPHIRE to check in at Lenovo Accelerate.

Lenovo is one of our main strategic IHV partners at SUSE and we`ll cover some ground with them at SAPPHIRE focusing on:

  • HANA Migration;
  • Lenovo’s ThinkAgile HX platform running SUSE
  • SAP Data Hub on Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 & SUSE CaaS Platform (based on Kubernetes).


We will then gear up to meet our Lenovo colleagues again in Orlando along with their customers and business partners.

Accelerate + Transform = 1 event

Lenovo is combining their largest Business Partner event, Accelerate, with their flagship global customer event, Transform, to bring us one all-inclusive event.

They promise a high-energy, collaborative experience so we are very excited!

Whether you are a Lenovo customer trying to learn about their cutting-edge innovations, or a Lenovo Business Partner trying to take full advantage of their programs and tools, we are there for you.

We understand customers want to find the perfect fit for their business and partners want to maximize their profits, so we are in it together!

Visit SUSE

While in Orlando next week, we will not only cover our SAP-focused joint solutions I mentioned above but also:


Visit our booth to chat, get a plush chameleon and answer our quiz card for a chance to win a cool prize.

Send us a message at to schedule a meeting with our team and visit to learn more about our Strategic Alliance.

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