Virtual and cloud deployments fast and lean


We all agree that efficient software deployment is key to maximize the availability of IT solutions and the response to business needs. Successful software deployment can save expenses, increase agility and increasing staff productivities. Software appliances provide a method to more rapidly and efficiently build and deliver applications stacks. In concept, a software appliance is a tightly integrated package of enterprise applications and operating system, designed to run on standard hardware. Just like a black box.

SUSE’s whitepapers got granular on virtual and cloud appliances. There is the whitepaper about the advantages of building virtual appliances. Virtual appliances are portable and easy to move. Virtual appliance can be easily built with tools like SUSE Studio. Since they are self-contained they do not have external dependencies and can be easily transferred through testing and into production.

But what happens when it comes to cloud deployments? Virtual appliances gives you an on-ramp to the private cloud, with little or no added investment required. And public cloud deployments? SUSE works with public cloud providers to offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in the public cloud. Check here the list of our cloud service provider. Amazon Web Services (AWS) for example: Amazon works closely with SUSE to offer software developers and enterprise IT organization opportunities to build and run their applications in the cloud. Learn more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon EC2. Enjoy reading!

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