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SUSECON Day 2 from the show floor



Day 2 of SUSECON 2017. After a busy day 1, it was great to see the room still buzzing with people wanting to hear. The keynotes today where hosted by Dr T, Thomas Di Giacomo SUSE CTO together with Michael Miller. It opened with an interesting discussion on how SUSE technology has expanded to provide solutions that build out modern software defined infrastructure.

KY Srinivasan from Microsoft then took to the stage declaring how Microsoft ‘Loves Linux’ and all things Open Source. He also mentioned that SUSE and Microsoft have always enjoyed a strong relationship, but now more than ever with the strong Enterprise up take of Open Source he expect to see the strong partnership flourish.

Next up was Fujitsu’s Kozo Otsuka who highlighted how Fujitsu/SUSE solutions that enable customers to have access to a wider variety of open source-based technologies that facilitate efficient transfer of workloads between the public and private cloud.

I was especially pleased to see Abby Kearns the Executive Director at the Cloud Foundry Foundation join the team on stage talked about how you can simplify application development and delivery with the cloud application platform that helps modernize existing applications and start containerizing and transforming new applications. At the end of the session both Dr T and Abby referred to the announcement at SUSECON of the SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

During the afternoon I attending one of the Microsoft Azure sessions, which talked through how simple the SUSE solutions were to run in Azure. We also learnt about Azure Stack’s along with the some new development tools which allows for both on premise and hybrid scenarios. One interesting use case highlighted was a container ship that could run applications on board in a private cloud while at sea but could also run in a hybrid environment when in dock with a network signal or connection to the public cloud.
The evening brought the SUSE party, at a Beautiful Czechia Palace branded tastefully for SUSECON. The SUSE band where rocking, this year we were treated to a guest appearance from SUSE’s President of Engineering Ralf Flaxa. Some of the luck party goers winning big in the SUSE casino.

Roll on Day 3.


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