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Why SUSE support is important for your business–and for you


Imagine a perfect spring afternoon. You’re having a birthday party for your child. The balloons are blown up. The garden is blooming. Your child is excited. The guests have arrived, and the party is going full swing. Everyone is laughing—and it’s time to open the presents. You are ready with your camera to capture your child’s surprise and delight.

And the phone rings. It’s your manager telling you that the IT systems are down, and you have to come to work to find and fix the problems.

And now you are asking yourself why you didn’t place a support contract.

Has something like this happened to you? There’s one way to prevent it: with a SUSE subscription.

Consider this: IT is extremely important for any business to succeed these days. Yet with new technologies on the horizon, the cost for deploying and managing IT systems is increasing fast. What’s more, the new technologies for mobility, cloud, big data/analytics and social business are converging, requiring interaction with each other. This demands greater reliability, better updates, higher performance and security.
With a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription, you not only get a versatile server operating system for deploying highly available enterprise-class IT services with best-of-breed performance and reduced risk but also immediate access to the latest software updates and industry-leading support from the world’s #1 Linux support provider.

Now is the time to choose the support that suits best your business needs—and lets you enjoy the birthday party.

Support without Basic

The benefits are obvious:

  • Cost Savings: Forget costly licensing fees; buy what matters: software and support
  • Reliability: SUSE products run seamlessly with your hardware and applications
  • Software Upgrades and Updates: Get the latest version, regular updates and security fixes
  • Technical Support: Choose the #1 rated Linux support provider
  • Generous Lifecycle: Ten years of support, and extend services if you need to
  • Training: Implement and maintain SUSE with proven knowledge from the experts

And you’ll never miss your child’s birthday again.


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