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SUSE Partner WANdisco Releases New Hadoop Version


On Monday, SUSE big data partner WANdisco announced the latest release of their Hadoop distribution, WANdisco Distro (WDD) version 3.1.1, powered by Apache Hadoop 2, which includes an enhanced, more intuitive user interface that simplifies Hadoop cluster deployment. WDD 3.1.1 is supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2.

WANdisco holds a unique place in the rapidly expanding Hadoop ecosystem with their Non-Stop NameNode, the first and only 100% uptime solution for Hadoop, which is based on their patented active-active data replication technology.

As Hadoop moves into the mainstream and more companies run their mission critical applications on Hadoop, high availability of the Hadoop cluster becomes essential to protecting against data loss. Historically, the NameNode has been a single point of failure for Hadoop clusters, and WDD eliminates that risk by enabling multiple active NameNode servers to act as peers.

At SUSE, we recognize the importance of high availability in the enterprise, because even as fast as cloud services are growing, not every IT department needs or wants all of its services out in the cloud.

SUSE is a Founding Partner in the WANdisco Non-Stop Alliance Partner Program. This is yet another example of how SUSE partners are leading the way in the big data market today with solutions integrated with and supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Clearly, when it comes to deploying big data solutions, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the platform of choice.


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