SUSE on Azure – fantastic first experience…


Guest blog by Michelangelo van Dam, Certified Zend Engineer & Founder of PHP Benelux:

I decided to put Windows Azure to the test and set up a Linux VM using the OpenSuSE distribution.

Within 2 minutes I had it up and running (chosen a console-based install), installed a couple of essential packages and within 15 minutes I had the system ready for multi-user testing of PHP core.

I’ve been involved in many PHP TestFests (events focussed on testing and improving the PHP core language) and never was able to set it all up within 120 minutes. This was a real pleasant experience for me and the PHP core developers that sat at my table and followed my setup.

Making a long story short: Windows Azure rocks for PHP and I will be investigating all options this new platform has to offer for PHP development and share these experiences through my blog and other references.

Thanks to the whole Windows Azure team and SUSE to make this great product an awesome service!!!

If you’d like to learn how to build and deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or openSUSE workloads onto Windows Azure go to

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