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SUSE Academic Program News: Working With Students Around The Globe


The end of summer for many marks the start of a new semester or calendar school year. At SUSE, we have been working harder than ever to engage with more academic partners and customers, bringing the latest in Linux and Open Source training and education. To only name a few, here are some highlights of recent success within the academic community;

University of Cape Town (South Africa) The oldest higher education institution in South Africa, with over 28,000 students currently enrolled, recently partnered with the SUSE Academic Program to offer training resources to their students. In effort to encourage staff and student participation, the Information and Communications Technology Services Department within UCT developed a specific portal for the SUSE Academic Program, you can view this and more information at . Now with over 50 staff and students accessing our On-Demand Training, Curriculum and Educational Resources, SUSE’ Academic Program is quickly becoming a well consumed tool for UCT.

TAFE NSW (Australia) TAFE NSW is an Australian vocational education and training provider with over 500,000 students in campus, workplace, online, or distance education methods of education. The academic institution has existed for over 130 years aiming to upskill the workforce of New South Wales. Last semester, lecturer Khaled Abdulsalam implemented parts of our curriculum into their course for students taking classes in OpenStack Cloud. Now, they aim to utilize our program as their core curriculum for the OpenStack course starting in August 2019.

Zespół Szkół Licealnych i Technicznych (Poland, Secondary School) Lucyna Pyzik is a teacher at Zespół Szkół Licealnych i Technicznych and a SUSE certified instructor for the past 20 years. After being an Academic Program member for the last 2 years and using for personal training and teaching purposes, they decided to roll out the program to students. Now with over 100 students being taught on SUSE solutions, they will be well equipped to take certification exams in the near future.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) Senior Lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences plans on using SUSE’ Academic Program for a foundation level Linux course this fall semester. They typically have between 60-120 students enroll and are very excited about the opportunity to utilize SUSE teaching materials and lab environments.


If you have a keen interest in education like I do, here are a few easy ways you can help share our knowledge with the academic community;

  1. Forward our program website ( to any colleagues, contacts or staff within education and encourage them to register at no-cost.
  2. Encourage anyone looking to learn more to reach out to academic program manager Brendan Bulmer at

Sharing in the “Open Open” mentality, the SUSE Academic Program is at no-cost and completely open to all academic institutions globally. We encourage all members of academic institutions to register at

Looking to learn more or need support in sharing the SUSE Academic Program? You are always welcome to reach out to a program manager in your respected area.







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