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Survival of the Fittest: Keep Your Business in the Game with DevOps


In today’s fast paced world, if you’re not first—you’re last.  Companies must be able to respond quickly to changes in both their internal and external environments, so adopting the latest and greatest technologies to enable them to do so is crucial to their survival.  Having the right culture and the right processes and tools for software and application development, as well as their delivery and maintenance, is not only necessary but essential for companies to differentiate themselves and succeed in every market.

goldfish jumping from an aquarium small and crowded to the largest

So how does one pull this off?  In his article, “How DevOps Can Support Business Agility for All Companies to Stay Business-Relevant”, Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo (Chief Technology Officer at SUSE) sheds some light. Di Giacomo focuses on some of the leading tools for DevOps and how the appropriate SUSE tools can support the DevOps phases to support continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Whether your company is already a DevOps master or the concept is completely foreign, business agility will continue to become more and more important and the tools to help improve agility will become even more advanced. So don’t just keep up, get ahead of the competition and ensure your company stays business relevant.  Check out the article to learn more.


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