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Stratos: A Cloud Foundry UI – Past, Present and Future


Neil MacDougall and Richard Cox of SUSE gave a talk (and demo) at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit EU, detailing the past, present, and future of Stratos–an open source UI for Cloud Foundry. Like everything SUSE works on, Stratos is open source. Although SUSE remains the project lead on it, Stratos is now part of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

The main purpose of the talk is to help grow awareness of Stratos and to get more people contributing to it via code, UX, ideas, or other improvements. Lots of people and organizations use Stratos currently, including IBM, Orange, and, but it could improve more quickly if even more people actively contributed to it. Stratos is, of course, the UI in our SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

The most exciting part of the talk is news that Stratos is moving to regular monthly releases with an intriguing set of upcoming features, including extensions, GitLab support and support for private source repositories.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has posted all recorded talks from the Summit on YouTube. Check them out if you want to learn more about the latest news from the Cloud Foundry community. We’ll be posting more SUSE talks here over the coming days. Watch Neil and Richard’s talk below:


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