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Introducing NeuVector with Enterprise Support on the AWS Marketplace


As we all know, application containerization is prevalent and the preferred application deployment architecture of the day. However, with increased container adoption comes the crucial responsibility of securing these dynamic environments. To help enterprises manage this challenge, SUSE has NeuVector, and per this announcement, is making NeuVector available on the AWS Marketplace as a fully supported enterprise offering.

NeuVector is a market leading container security platform that focuses on protecting applications running in containers and Kubernetes environments. Its value lies in its ability to provide real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, and network segmentation for containerized applications. By ensuring the security of containers and Kubernetes, NeuVector helps organizations prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks, ultimately safeguarding their applications and sensitive information.

With today’s listing on the AWS marketplace, SUSE is answering the numerous requests on how enterprises like to do business in the cloud. This is due, in large part, to the prevalence of AWS customers using marketplace purchases to draw down AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) quota. In addition, when using the marketplace to acquire NeuVector, AWS customers can leverage their existing AWS buying programs without having to get approvals for additional vendor specific purchase agreements. This both simplifies the purchase while auto-applying the purchase to the customer’s AWS EDP quota.

A few specifics of NeuVector on the AWS Marketplace

This is the first fully enterprise supported NeuVector presence on AWS’s Marketplace where support comes directly from SUSE. Monetization is through the AWS marketplace and leverages a monthly on-demand usage model. And to make the usage model cloud friendly, discount tiers are built-in to the pricing model and are automatically applied as usage grows.

There are six price tiers that govern the usage discounts. Note, usage is based on average monthly rate, not the maximum monthly count, keeping this is a cloud friendly and burst friendly usage model.

The usage tiers are:

  • 5-15 nodes:  $112 per node per month*
  • 16-50 nodes: $105 per node per month
  • 51-100 nodes: $98 per node per month
  • 101-250 nodes: $91 per node per month
  • 251-1000 nodes: $84 per node per month
  • >1000 nodes: $78 per node per month

* There is a 5 node minimum on monthly usage.

Deployment Flexibility

With the marketplace offering, you have several deployment options, all of which take advantage of the inherent usage discounts. This is made possible by leveraging NeuVector’s capability for federated deployments, the ability to deploy to and natively protect multiple Kubernetes clusters as a single logical deployment. Using federation, downstream clusters can run anywhere, but will appear as a logical extension of the master running in AWS EKS.

This means that as long as the primary (Master) cluster is running in EKS, the downstream clusters can monetize through the AWS marketplace regardless of where they are deployed. If they are all in EKS, all is good. If the downstream clusters are on AWS, but not in EKS, still good. Even if the downstream clusters are on-premise, in the data center for a hybrid deployment, good again. Regardless of the deployment model used, monetization will route through the AWS marketplace. The bottomline, you get to take advantage of the node usage discounts and apply them to your entire federated deployment regardless of the deployment scenario.


The collaboration between NeuVector and AWS Marketplace presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to elevate their container security while taking advantage of their EDP quota and the simplicity of transacting through the AWS marketplace.

In a world where security threats continue to evolve, NeuVector’s presence on AWS Marketplace serves as a beacon of hope, providing customers with the tools they need to safeguard their containerized applications effectively. As the digital landscape evolves, NeuVector remains committed to securing the future of containerization, one innovation at a time.


There are two NeuVector listings within the AWS marketplace:

For EU/UK/Norway locations:

For locations outside of EU/UK/Norway:

Or simply go to the AWS marketplace and search for ‘NeuVector’.


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