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Staying connected during COVID-19 – A note to our SUSE Manager community


Within a few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected businesses around the world. With IT workforces working from home, it has put businesses in front of big challenges. Now more than ever, remote management of your IT infrastructure is paramount to ensure business continuity. In order to continue your business as smoothly as possible, SUSE helps your IT administration teams by ensuring stability of SUSE Manager environments facing the end of life as well as by providing you with free evaluation subscriptions and easy to access documentation if you want to implement SUSE Manager to re-gain control over your IT infrastructure while working from home.

We are fortunate that, over the years, we have gained a loyal SUSE Manager customer base. And we at SUSE care about our customers. Now more than ever, it is important to us to support our community during these uncertain times.

Ensuring Business Continuity: Challenges for IT admins

We understand these are unprecedented times with many companies having to close down their offices and employees working from home. However, your IT infrastructure needs to continue to support your business operations. Especially during these turbulent times, continuity and stability are key. Any risky, major version upgrade should be avoided, especially with your workforce working remotely from home.

We know many of you are underway with the migration from SUSE Manager 3.2 to SUSE Manager 4.0 with the end of support for SUSE Manager 3.2 looming at the end of June 2020. With businesses shut down and admins working from home, this seems like an unachievable task for many of you.

SUSE has heard you. Therefore, we have decided to extend the support for SUSE Manager 3.2, free of charge, by an additional 3 months until September 30th 2020. Support will include security and bugfixes but will not provide any new features. This level of support will ensure your environment is securely maintained during the extended period. This offer only applies to existing installations.

We hope this allows ample time to proceed with the migration efforts once business starts going back to normal.

Remote Management of your IT infrastructure with SUSE Manager

Due to the risk of infection, The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to have their workforce work from home. However, your IT infrastructure running in your data centers still requires attention. Not being able to remotely manage your infrastructure for an uncertain period of time puts IT admins in front of a huge challenge and poses a large risk to your operational continuity.

Centralized management is in SUSE Manager’s DNA. It enables you to remotely manage and configure all of your Linux-based system and helps IT admins to gain a complete overview of all the systems and all their required updates and patches from a centralized management console that can be used from home.

For those of you who have not had the chance yet to work with SUSE Manager we want to give you the opportunity to profit from the remote management capabilities of this tool and help you keep your business running during these uncertain times. Therefore, we decided to offer an extended evaluation period for SUSE Manager of 120 days.

For more information, see our QuickStart Guide. Download the document here and start implementing SUSE Manager immediately.

Visit our SUSE Technical Training Youtube Channel and get started now:

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