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Say “YES” to SUSE OpenStack Cloud Certification


With the release of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 (SOC), a new YES Certified Test Suite for SOC has been created.

This new test suite will allow SUSE’s hardware partners to validate, ensure compatibility, and certify their entire hardware offering with SOC.

Hardware partners who complete this new certification will obtain a YES bulletin for SOC cluster which will be  published at YES Certified Bulletin Search page.


The YES bulletin for SOC cluster includes the following information:

  • Partner’s solution name
  • SUSE Bulletin type
  • Partner company name
  • SUSE product and OS
  • Partner’s product description
  • Links to System bulletins that compose SOC cluster
  • Configuration notes. These are notes that describe relevant configuration specific to environment.

Figure 1. YES Bulletin for SOC cluster


Figure 2. TestConsole Report Toolbar

The YES Certified Test Suite for SOC is a plugin to the existing YES Certification Test Console which is Java based and provides an easy way of installing, running, and submitting test results.

In addition, the new YES Test Suite leverages OpenStack Tempest to run scenario tests in order to validate the cloud deployment.  Next, the testing tool Rally is used to generate load and stress test the SOC cluster.

For more information and to download the YES Certified Test Suite for SOC go to YES System Test Tools download page or contact your SUSE Partner representative.


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