Say “YES” to SUSE Enterprise Storage Certification


SUSE’s hardware partners can now have their storage solutions for SUSE Enterprise Storage YES Certified via the new certification program for SUSE Enterprise Storage.

This new certification program provides the same benefits as the well-known base YES System certification program and the new test kit builds on top of the existing proven and familiar YES certification framework.

Some of the benefits of YES Certification include:

  • A YES bulletin provides a Good Known Configuration or baseline for support organizations
  • Ensures hardware vendors and SUSE have contracts in place for support
  • Hardware specific problems are found which improves partner hardware’s and overall solution quality
  • Enables early testing and bug fixing by hardware partners and SUSE.
  • Ensures compatibility between hardware and SUSE products
  • Peace of mind hardware and software were tested together


Hardware partners will need to meet the following requirements in order to obtain a SUSE Enterprise Storage YES Certification bulletin:

  1. Each node (or type of node) in the SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster has a current base System certification.
  2. All nodes in the SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster meet or exceed minimum requirements for their role as per SUSE Enterprise Storage documentation.
  3. SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster solution passed SUSE Enterprise Storage Certification Kit testing.

Once the above requirements are met, a SUSE Enterprise Storage YES Certified bulletin will be issued and published at the same location as System bulletins

The mock up SUSE Enterprise Storage YES Certified bulletin below shows the main content of a SUSE Enterprise Storage bulletin:

  1. Partner’s solution name
  2. SUSE Bulletin type
  3. Partner company name
  4. SUSE product and OS
  5. Partner’s product description
  6. Links to System bulletins for each type of cluster node
  7. Configuration notes. These are notes that describe relevant configuration specific to environment.

Both partners and customers will benefit from a tested and approved solution for SUSE Enterprise Storage.   They will enjoy the peace of mind that brings knowing that the hardware and SES software were tested together, are fully compatible, and supported.

For more information on the YES Program see Program Guide

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