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sapconf versus saptune – again


After the blog post about ‘sapconf 5′ a few hours ago, I was asked by various people:

Shall we use ‘sapconf 5’ instead of ‘saptune 2’?

Before rumors or confusion spread, let me clarify.

In short:

  • If you have ‘SUSE Linux Enterprise Server’ only ‘sapconf’ is available.
  • If you have ‘SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications’ you can choose between ‘sapconf’ and ‘saptune’, but…
  • …’saptune’ is the more advanced tool and should be preferred!
  • If you are using ‘sapconf 4’, update to ‘sapconf 5’ soon.
  • If you are using ‘saptune’, stay with ‘saptune’!


And here a bit more details:

 sapconf 5  saptune 2
Available on SLES? yes no
Available on SLES for SAP Applications? yes yes
Does it implements entire SAP notes? no yes
Can I configure everything? yes yes
Do I have a verify option? no yes
Does it rely on tuned? no yes1

1 Only for starting the ‘saptune’ binary (‘tuned’ does no tuning itself). Like with ‘sapconf 5’ ‘tuned’ gets removed in one of the next versions.

No further major changes to ‘sapconf’ are planned so far. Removing ‘tuned’ was on our list for quiet some time.
Of course it will maintained further, but it stays a simple tool, which just does needful things.

‘Saptune’ will go on and at the moment we are in development of the next version. Removing ‘tuned’ is – among other things – on the list.
If you have ideas to better ‘saptune’, now is a good time to step forward!

I hope the world of ‘sapconf’ and ‘saptune’ looks a bit clearer now!


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