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SAP Vora 1.4 released for SUSE Enterprise Server 12


The following article has been contributed by Ulrich Schaier, Technical Architect SAP, Global Business Development at SUSE.

SAP released SAP Vora 1.4 for SUSE Enterprise Server 12 (SLES 12) end of April 2017. SAP Vora 1.4 can be used on SLES 12 with the Hadoop distributions by MapR, Cloudera and Apache Ambari.

SAP customer can find more information in SAP Note 2213226.

SAP Vora closes the gap between business data stored in-memory database SAP HANA and big data stored in Hadoop. SAP Vora consists of in-memory query engines and disk-based processing engine integrated into the Apache Spark framework and Hadoop ecosystem. Vora is designed to be used in large distributed clusters and for handling big-data.

SAP Vora builds structured data hierarchies from unstructured Hadoop data and integrates them with data from SAP HANA to allow OLAP-style analysis of the combined data through the Apache Spark SQL interface.


All the components, SAP HANA database, Hadoop Cluster, SAP Vora and Apache Spark framework can be run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 operating system.



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