SAP, SUSE and Hitachi – A high performance SAP HANA engine with zero downtime


Such a busy week at SUSE. We have SUSECON underway and we are participating in the 20th anniversary of TechEd with a stop in Barcelona.

Our partner, Hitachi, is at TechEd Barcelona as well. They are featuring “The Excavator” to demonstrate how you can experience the exhilaration and resiliency of a finely tuned SAP HANA running on SUSE software and Hitachi hardware.

All of this is enabled by the recent certification of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform, a nifty appliance tuned to deliver performance and speed. And this is not just hyperbole, this is a provable fact based on a recent performance benchmark where Hitachi beat out its competition.

So do it – go test drive SAP HANA at the Hitachi booth P.27. See how well you can keep your SAP HANA engine running because of zero downtime and learn how you can motor through digital transformation with SAP, Hitachi and SUSE.

Just in: That provable fact I mentioned in the post was 2 billion BWA benchmark achieved last July. However, Hitachi has topped its own record, posting a benchmark of 4 billion records. Check out the latest,

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