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Reducing Downtime with Premium Support Services



According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute.  It’s no wonder why in a recent SUSE survey of more than 1200 IT professionals 82% named downtime and business disruption as their number one concern.

SUSE Global Services:  The Key to Reducing Downtime

From SUSE Enterprise Linux to SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage to SUSE CAP and SUSE CaaSP, all of our open source distributions are enterprise-ready and hardened. But that is only half the story.

Today, SUSE is relaunching our Premium Support Services offering.  If you have Premium Support Services today, you know that having a dedicated relationship with your premium support engineer saves you valuable time and helps mitigate business disruptions.  Your premium support engineer and customer success manager are key members of your team that ease the bumps of implementation and provide proactive maintenance and support.

The relaunch of Premium Support Services offering continues to expand and enhance your traditional SUSE Support to specifically help you reduce downtime. This offering provides a number of key support service benefits, including direct access to a premium engineer and customer success manager,  fast response times of as little as 15 minutes and someone on hand when you have that all important go-live.

Premium Support Services will help you:

  • Deliver faster time to value with access to experts who can help you optimize deployment of your SUSE solutions.
  • Ensure business continuity with proactive maintenance and monitoring of your specific systems and solutions.
  • Meet changing business demands while reducing costs with flexible and cost-effective support services offerings that provide exactly the level of support your business needs.

Why the Relaunch?

In two words: Simplicity and Clarity. The “new” Premium Support Services will provide:

  • Easily recognizable tier levels

The new Premium Support Services will use easily the recognized and familiar metal terminology of Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  • Clearly differentiate tier benefits

Customers will easily be able to choose the benefits that most meet the needs of their business, with Platinum tiered customers receiving the most dedicated services.

  • Naming that indicates level of service rather than individual roles

The new Premium Support Services offering focuses benefits around having access to a premium team, made up of a named premium engineer and a customer success manager, with whom you can develop a trusted relationship.

Exciting New Benefits!

In addition, the relaunch of Premium Support Services adds two new exciting benefits:

  • Scheduled Standby

Schedule your premium team for a critical go-live – including nights and weekends.  Going into production with a new system can be a hair-raising experience. Imagine the peace of mind having someone on the other end of the phone would bring during your next go-live.

  • Proactive Service Reviews

Meet with your customer success manager regularly.  Make sure that your infrastructure is meeting the needs of your business and keeping you ahead of the competition.

The relaunch of Premium Support Services continues to provide access to a premium team who will deliver unparalleled access to SUSE product and technical experts.  It also adds additional elements of simplicity and clarity.

Get the level of support you need from the company you trust.   As one of our large IT Customers recently put it,

“The level of service provided should be the goal of other support services organizations to match. You are fantastic.”

Learn more about putting Premium Support Services to work in your organization today.


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