Popularity of Amazon EC2 running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Results in Extended Partnership


I’m pleased to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now providing support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as part of its Premium Support offering. AWS customers using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) can experience seamless support through experts at Amazon backed by SUSE.

This is great news for customers and independent software vendors (ISVs), who have been able to run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon EC2 since August 2010. The rapid growth of SUSE Linux Enterprise on AWS proves how flexible and extensible SUSE’s solution is for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Now, AWS is raising the stakes by delivering its own support services backed by SUSE’s expertise. We have seen a tremendous increase in enterprise customer demand for secure, reliable, utility-priced computing infrastructure. By working with Amazon to pioneer an even more streamlined enterprise-class Linux support experience, we’re making it easier for customers to focus their time on driving innovative cloud initiatives.

This announcement illustrates the strength of our partnership with Amazon. More information about Amazon EC2 Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and AWS Premium Support can be found at aws.amazon.com/suse and aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/.

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