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Open source powers ongoing fight against COVID-19


Collaboration, especially in the face of adversity, is a thread that runs deep through the open source community.

It is inspiring to see another example of such collaboration come to light today, in the form of work done by Define Tech, Lightbits, Starview International and SUSE whose solutions came together to assist a South East Asian Government customer in their ongoing response to COVID-19.

A flexible, agile, and scalable cloud platform, primarily for data analytics, was urgently required by the customer to power their disaster detection and prevention capability.

The challenge the government needed to solve was to be able to support the modern containerization necessary to deal with operational hurdles faced by services helping to mitigate the nationwide COVID-19 crisis.

The solution needed to be affordable and, of course, still provide the highest performance. This brief meant open source and SUSE Rancher was the obvious route to go.

Lightbits were the NVMe storage software partner for the project, Define Technology integrated Lightbit’s storage into the cloud platform on behalf of the end customer, providing the Cloud infrastructure layer. And finally, the end customer orchestrated their workloads using SUSE Rancher.

The eventual solution, which comprised a 7-region national scale cloud, is primarily being used for disaster detection and prevention and has all workloads orchestrated via Kubernetes, using SUSE Rancher.

The solution was deployed seamlessly, on-time, and under budget as a result of open source components working together. Most importantly, the end result is the solid infrastructure backbone enabling the Government customer to tackle the crisis effectively.

Click here to read more about how open source stepped up to help tackle Covid-19, in an excellent case study from our friends at Define Tech.

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