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Why you need to consider SUSECON as your Open Source Education Event this year!


So as you know every year I talk a little about SUSECON and the attempt is not persuade you to be there but actually to get you to understand the value of being part of this fantastic event.

It’s not only that we have fun – check out the crazy music video’s or the beer-as-a-service from last year’s SUSECON.  But it’s also the fact that you get to network with a ton of really bright, articulate people who are there for one reason – to seek answers to the big issues of the day!   How do I minimize downtime and keep my systems running; how do I keep up with demand and adapt my business so that we stay on top and how do I make the most and modernize the systems I’ve already got.

That’s partly why our themes this year are positioned around the following message Define your Future.

As we’re seeing daily in the technology markets and hearing from analysts, the future is now being defined by software.  Companies need the benefits and power of an open IT infrastructure so they can expand their business possibilities. At SUSECON 2016 this year we are focusing on helping customers and partners operate more efficiently, create new products and services faster and, ultimately, beat their competition by harnessing the power and flexibility of open source platforms in their enterprise.

We’re also covering this year 3 specific day themes that aim to focus on driving our goal to help you; deliver zero downtime, transform IT and adapt to win.

If you haven’t ever been before, then it’s always great to be able to see some examples of sessions that took place last year.  So I’ve chosen 3 this month for you to have a look at:

Migration of Unix and Mainframe/zOS to SUSE Linux

Technology transformation is core to IT strategy of enterprises and it is the high priority task in CXOs list now days. This is mainly driven due to factors such as change in technology, its maturity & adoption, cost, skill set availability, utilization, etc. Open source has been into mainstream since last few years and customers have realized benefits by adopting open source technologies. Simplification, Rationalization, Consolidation and Migration are key approaches which have helped in modernizing Platform and Application landscape with effective TCO saving. SUSE is instrumental in driving this change with world class technologies and enjoying significant adoption in marketplace. Here we want to discuss and showcase how TCS has helped transformation journey of its clients in migrating traditional UNIX, Mainframe/zOS based systems to SUSE.

How SUSE is Helping You Rock the Cloud

The use of Public Cloud resources helps business to shift some fixed cost to operational cost. Depending on the work load cost savings can be achieved, although these may be hard to quantify. SUSE provides on demand and “Bring Your Own Subscription” images in our Public Cloud partner frameworks (Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute). Learn about the SUSE maintained and operated infrastructure that runs in every region of our public cloud provider partners backing on demand images. The “Bring Your Own Subscription” model allows you to flexibly run your critical workloads in either the public cloud or in your datacentre. You’ll walk away knowing a lot more about the cloud than you knew before, and a credit to help you start something new there.

Fast SAP HANA Fail Over Architecture with a SUSE High Availability Cluster in the AWS Cloud

This case study shows how a cluster built on SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension can be used to build extremely reliable SAP HANA database fail over architectures in the public AWS cloud. The audience will learn how a SUSE High Availability cluster, combined with the AWS cloud, allows customers to implement SAP architectures: * which are hardened against any local data center failure * which are standardized and can be automated and be used world wide * with increased security since all configuration changes of the cluster will be strictly limited to the required resources * which set new standards for auditability since all configuration changes will be tracked by the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Don’t forget you can review all of last year’s keynote sessions on the website.  I’ll be reviewing another 3 sessions next month but in the meantime don’t forget registration is now open!

I look forward to see you there.


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