“Must See” SAP at SUSECON (25–29 September 2017, Prague)


In today’s business environment, organizations worldwide are striving to become digital businesses. SUSECON 2017 is a great opportunity to learn how the open source approach helps companies in all industries to transform their IT infrastructure, create more agile business processes, and enable growth and innovation.

SAP is proud to be a Cornerstone Sponsor at SUSECON 2017 because SAP shares a similar commitment and focus. This year, SAP will be exhibiting in the SUSECON Developer Lounge. This innovative and exciting area is open all day and will feature developers and other IT professionals showcasing the latest technology. Join SAP in the Developer Lounge to:

  • Learn how to develop your applications in the SAP HANA Express edition and then easily deploy your applications to the Cloud Foundry on SAP Cloud Platform
  • See IoT and Machine Learning in action. This demonstration includes a boxing bag with an embedded Texas Instruments IoT sensor which sends data to an SAP HANA instance in the cloud. You can then see the wealth of opportunities for analysis of the data in HANA, including the application of machine learning.

Don’t miss SAP’S keynote speakers        

  • Martin Fassunge, Chief Product Owner – SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things
  • Stefan Weitland, Chief Product Owner – SAP Cloud Platform

Key elements of their presentation will include discussions on:

  • SAP Cloud Platform as the agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital transformation
  • The upcoming Cloud Foundry distribution, Containers,
  • Deployments in the public cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google) and private cloud (customer datacenter).

Join 4 SAP breakout sessions taking place during SUSECON 2017

SPO139925 – Container Orchestration a strategic choice for SAP VORA 2.0 and SAP DATA HUB (Stefan Haertelt, SAP Team lead for Solution Excellence DDM CoE & PreSales EMEA South) – Thursday, Sep 28, 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM – Tyrolka

SPO141261 – SAP Cloud Platform as the enabler for Digital Transformation of Businesses (Lars Mautsch Product Manager, SAP SE and Pavel Penaz Business Development Manager, SAP) – Tuesday, Sep 26, 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM – London

TUT126599 – Understand SAP HANA 1.0 and 2.0, together with the SLES Roadmap (Norbert Hanuska – Presales Specialist, SAP, and Martin Zikmund – Technical Account Manager, SUSE) – Tuesday, Sep 26, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM – Palmovka

CAS127723 – Scaling C++ Development and Quality Assurance (Matthias Männich – Development Expert, SAP SE) – Thursday, Sep 28, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM – London

 Visit 18 additional SAP-related breakout sessions

  1. BOV117851 – SUSE on Amazon Web Services
  2. BOV127171 – Continuous Delivery of Micro Applications with Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes at Apollo-Optik
  3. CAS117855 – Running SAP on AWS: Fitch Ratings Success Story
  4. CAS122700 – SUSE Manager & SUSE Linux Experience
  5. CAS127173 – SAP HANA on Power Systems
  6. FUT128443 – What has SUSE Linux Done for Power and What is to Come
  7. FUT128447 – SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Roadmap
  8. SPO127196 – How to minimize or completely avoid downtimes in operating SAP (HANA) landscapes. Overview of related topics and methods with emphasis on OS handling.
  9. SPO134363 – Re-think Your Business; Modernize Your SAP Core and Accelerate Your Path to HANA
  10. SPO134400 – Microsoft SAP on Azure
  11. SPO137647 – SLES on IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA – what makes the difference?
  12. SPO138040 – One Touch Deployment of SAP HANA SPO138140 – Huawei & SUSE Joint Innovation for SAP HANA
  13. SPO139825 – Software-defined storage backends for SAP Applications SPO139928 – Achieving availability and resilience with SUSE and DellEMC for SAP HANA Solutions  SPO140247 – Best practices for SLES for SAP on AWS
  14. TUT122382 – SAP HANA on KVM Best Practices
  15. TUT126316 – SAP-as-a-Service on SUSE OpenStack Cloud
  16. TUT127016 – SAP HANA System Replication in SUSE Clusters
  17. TUT127164 – Running SAP HANA Workloads on Microsoft Azure
  18. TUT127205 – Unleash Your Hardware’s Full Potential with Smart System Tuning for SAP Workloads

Please be sure to visit SAP in the Developer Lounge show floor or attend one or more of the SAP breakout sessions to learn more about how SAP’s commitment to openness and the open source community can help your organization.   SAP at SUSECon.


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