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Migrating to SUSE Manager 3 – A paradigm shift


Celery with peanut butter.  That is what my spouse had plated for me to eat at lunchtime.  Celery was a familiar favorite – but peanut butter I had always avoided.  She said if I learned to eat peanut butter, it could be a great source of protein that we could afford.  That day I mustered some willpower and tried it.  What a revelation!  Now I enjoy peanut butter with lots of things – especially chocolate and on peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.  My paradigm was shifted by simply adding something different to what I already knew!

SUSE Manager 3 is like that.  We have engineered it to carry forward what is familiar to you if you have ever used SUSE Manager 1.7, 2.1, Spacewalk, or Satellite 5.  All the administrative hours spent creating System Groups and channel assignments is not lost.  It migrates right in – including the traditional software management stack.

But now you can add Salt!  SUSE Manager shifts the paradigm forward, allowing you to create Salt states, connect to your client machines as Salt minions, and much more.  It is a way for you to gain many more capabilities without losing the familiar!  All the systems you can manage in 2.1 can be handled in SUSE Manager 3.  But with 3, you have a wide open future with loads of potential.

Don’t delay – since this year SUSE Manager 2.1, Spacewalk, and Satellite 5.X are due to become unsupported.  Plan your migration to SUSE Manager 3.

We are offering a webinar on this topic in which you can participate.  The live session will be February 23, 2017 – and it will be available for replay after that.  Check it out here:


Don Vosburg
SUSE Manager Core Team


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