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Looking back and ahead: doc team @SUSECON 2023


Over. And way too fast. During the three days of being onsite at SUSECON 2023 in Munich, time literally just flew. I promised you a vibrant atmosphere, an impressive agenda, energetic tech talks, lively discussions, thrilling evening events, and a great time with the legendary SUSE Band. I didn’t promise too much, did I?

Looking back!

Frank and I had the pleasure to join our wonderful colleagues Cesar Herrera, Mark Gradwell and Justin Garlick at the Global Services kiosk of the Technology Showcase. There (and not only there!) we had many insightful and inspiring conversations about the docs with customers and technology partners alike.


During the beach party on Tuesday at Roberto Beach, everyone had the chance to strengthen long-term and new business relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

On Wednesday evening, the Loewenbraeukeller and all its guests experienced a concert in a class of its own with the one and only SUSE Band.

But despite the concert, the next morning the session rooms were full of people who were thirsty for knowledge. Thankfully, Frank and I also benefited from this thirst for knowledge at our presentation on the topic how to contribute to documentation, while preaching in front of an interested and interactive audience. A big thank you again to everyone who attended!

Looking ahead!

Don’t feel disappointed if you missed the onsite SUSECON! The fun is not yet over. SUSECON Digital is in full swing, with even more technical and business sessions for you. Have a look here for todays sessions. And after today, all content will be made available on demand. Best of all: registration and participation in SUSECON Digital 23 are free of charge! Make sure you don’t miss out on our doc talk TUT-1161 How you can contribute to high quality enterprise documentation. And in the meantime, enjoy some SUSE Parody songs including some fine act from the SUSE Band, visit Emiel Brok and the SUSECON 2023 Ketchups, or practice some head banging while watching the conference opening video.

Looking for us?

Even outside of SUSECON, we’d love to hear from you and get your feedback! Just recently, we kicked off our new 2023 documentation survey (hosted on the Qualtrics platform). Please take the time to fill out the survey. In the spirit of open source, by participating you contribute to the improvement of the documentation for the sake of the entire SUSE ecosystem. THANK YOU!

Disclaimer: The text at hand has not been reviewed by a native speaker. If you find typos or language mistakes, please send them to me (meike.chabowski@suse.com) – or if you like them, just keep them and feed them. 😁

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Meike Chabowski Meike Chabowski works as Documentation Strategist at SUSE. Before joining the SUSE Documentation team, she was Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Linux Servers at SUSE, with a focus on Linux for Mainframes, Linux in Retail, and High Performance Computing. Prior to joining SUSE more than 20 years ago, Meike held marketing positions with several IT companies like defacto and Siemens, and was working as Assistant Professor for Mass Media. Meike holds a Master of Arts in Science of Mass Media and Theatre, as well as a Master of Arts in Education from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/ Germany, and in Italian Literature and Language from University of Parma/Italy.