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Looking @ Aqua Security, Palo Alto Networks Prisma, or StackRox? Learn why global enterprises are switching to NeuVector for Kubernetes Security


As enterprises migrate to the cloud, shift left with DevOps strategies, and invest in microservices, security strategies need a fresh look. Early container security solutions focused on vulnerability scanning. While it is critical to identify flaws as early in the process as possible, that is the beginning and not the end of the process. Zero days and other unknown attack vectors bypass traditional security strategies. Solutions based on Kubernetes Network Policies alone are not enough.

At NeuVector, we noticed a trend among many of our new customers. They needed an upgrade from their existing security solutions in order to address the needs of their modern container infrastructures. Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in customers replacing incumbent solutions like Aqua and Twistlock with NeuVector. From Global 2000 leaders in financial services and transportation to growing software companies, these customers come to NeuVector with the same goal: finding a solution that can secure Kubernetes and keep pace with dynamic cloud and DevOps environments.

Why is NeuVector winning? We are the only enterprise-grade container security solution that eliminates the complexity and risk associated with Kubernetes. NeuVector protects against known and unknown attack vectors, including zero days, offers unmatched value, and provides customer success-driven support.  A few recent wins tell the story.

SaaS Company

A fast-growing start-up uses a container infrastructure to deliver their service and stay nimble. The company turned to NeuVector to address two problems with their Palo Alto Networks Prisma (formerly Twistlock) solution. First, they had an issue with the Palo Alto container firewall, which required them to create a cumbersome work-around. This was frustrating, but not a deal breaker. However, when Palo Alto raised the price, without resolving the issue that conflicts with the iptables, the customer went in search of a replacement solution purpose-built for Kubernetes security.  

This company has a very strong cloud security team and could easily see the weaknesses in various solutions. Network security enforcement was particularly important.NeuVector stepped in and quickly set up a proof-of-concept. After seeing the results of the first vulnerability scans and understanding the additional value that NeuVector brings with real-time, inline threat blocking in production, the company was sold. The tipping point that sealed the deal was NeuVector’s responsive customer support team. We were able to walk them through the POC process and help them with some Kubernetes configuration issues that were causing problems. In only three weeks, they moved from POC to production and replaced Twistlock.

Global 2000 Transportation Company

This transportation leader is an early adopter of container technology and container security solutions.  Their experienced cloud security team has high standards and demanded strong network security enforcement which they were not getting from their existing solution. Ultimately, NeuVector was able to unseat an incumbent solution, besting both Aqua and Palo Alto Prisma after rigorous testing. 

Together with our top-notch local partner, we were able to demonstrate NeuVector’s technical advantages including ultrafast scanning, security policy as code to accelerate the CI/CD pipeline, and patented threat blocking capabilities in production. NeuVector delivered excellent value for the investment, exceeding the incumbent’s technical capabilities.  In the end, NeuVector’s value won the business with superior technology and hands-on customer support through the evaluation process.

Global 2000 Financial Services Leader

For this insurance powerhouse, technology and performance were the key differentiators. NeuVector has a network-based approach to Kubernetes security that exceeds the capabilities of other solutions. For this customer, NeuVector’s unrivaled layer 7 network segmentation capabilities and deep packet inspection that enables comprehensive visibility and control of all network activity, not just what is defined by Kubernetes Network Policies. Additionally, the incumbent solution caused network latency that frustrated everyone. NeuVector did not slow operations at all. 

Kubernetes is complex. Securing it doesn’t have to be. NeuVector plays the role of advisor for many customers and prospects. We are deeply steeped in Kubernetes and enjoy being a guide on our customers’ journeys. We partner with all the leaders in the cloud and container ecosystem and understand how our products work together. This gives our customers an oft needed helping hand as they navigate this new world. This high-touch approach was a critical component in the decision-making of recent NeuVector converts.

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New customers switching to NeuVector from selected competitors receive a 30% discount off the fees paid for their current container security platform.

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