SUSE and IBM: Enhancing Data Security (a Technical Reference Documentation Getting Started guide)


The Essence of Confidential Computing

At its core, confidential computing addresses the vital need of safeguarding data while it is in use. SUSE and IBM work together to deliver advanced technical capabilities, like confidential computing. IBM Z® and LinuxONE systems provide key hardware capabilities for the trusted execution environment. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM Z and LinuxONE (SLES) is designed to deliver performance, security, reliability, and efficiency for your mission-critical workloads on IBM Z® and LinuxONE systems. 


Businesses face several critical challenges related to data security and privacy. Some of the common customer challenges include: Data Protection, Cloud and Edge Security, and Confidentiality Concerns.  

SUSE and IBM Solution: Technical Reference Documentation

We have published this technical reference document which outlines a joint solution that addresses the issues outlined above. The guide emphasizes the significance of container technologies in enhancing business agility, resilience, and scalability. While containers offer unprecedented advantages, securing sensitive workload data remains a top priority. Hence, the collaborative efforts of SUSE and IBM pave the way for confidential computing within containerized workloads, ensuring unparalleled security and confidentiality. Throughout this guide, readers will learn how to effectively deploy containerized confidential computing workloads in IBM Z® and LinuxONE trusted execution environments, employing SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Container Images (SLE BCI) in conjunction with the IBM Hyper Protect Platform.

You can access the full document to learn how to deploy a containerized confidential computing workload.

Please reach out to our IBM team ( if you would like more information.

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