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KubeCon Barcelona: The New SUSE, and SUSE CaaS Platform.


In a short while, SUSE will become the largest independently operating open source company in the world. Some have branded this era, “The New SUSE” and now it’s time to see what “The New SUSE” looks like at KubeCon Barcelona. We are here to talk about modern, Kubernetes-based application delivery solutions that you need today. We’ve upped our sponsorship and we’re ready to rock.

Set Your Sails for Success

Did you know that SUSE CaaS Platform has been recognized as a key platform leading the Kubernetes and Container revolution? We invite you to stop by our booth, P15, to learn more. At our booth, we’ll have a general overview of SUSE CaaS Platform, as well as a little bit of cool news about what might be coming down the pike for SUSE CaaS Platform, and of course some of those famous SUSE chameleons – you know you want one of those.

We’re an open source company so that means our distribution is only half the story. SUSE  is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, and we have a couple neat offerings to make sure you can start and run SUSE CaaS Platform successfully. We’re bent on making sure that our platform is actually useful for you – that it doesn’t just end up being a piece of technological junk on a virtual shelf. We offer a complete roadmap for implementation of SUSE Caas Platform to make sure we can help you along your container journey. Again, come to our booth to find out what that means.

Get a Head Start with CaaSP 4

There are some interesting sessions that we’ll be attending, and that might have something to do with SUSE. Be sure to check out:

  • Using eBPF to Bring Kubernetes-Aware Security to the Linux Kernel – Dan Wendlandt, Isovelent

Isovalent is the company behind Cilium and SUSE is a major contributor to the Cilium project. In this session, Dan will look to cover the basics of eBPF and then dive into a hands-on exploration of use cases where eBPF-based technologies like Cilium and BCC can enable security visibility and isolation well beyond what is possible with traditional Linux security primitives. I’ll be there, and I hope you will be too.

  • Transparent Chaos Testing with Envoy , Cilium and BPF – Thomas Graf, Isovalent 

This looks to be another interesting session from Isovalent around Cilium, Envoy, and BPF – all things that are relevant to us. The talk will demonstrate how to use Envoy in combination with Cilium and BPF to introduce chaos, for testing purposes, such as service unavailability, latency and random rate limiting into any Kubernetes environment in a completely transparent manner.

So this KubeCon we invite you to drop by the SUSE booth, we’ll be talking Cilium, Prometheus/Grafana, CRI-O, SUSE Services, and more. It’s bound to be a good time. Welcome to the new SUSE, and to quote my favorite movie, “Yee-haw, great balls of fire!”


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