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Introducing SUSE Start for SUSE CaaS Platform: The Right Platform for SAP Data Hub


Data is IncomingRecently, I stayed in on the top floor of a hotel.  While the view was nice, the elevators were extremely slow.  Waiting for the elevator gave me a lot of time to think.  And because I was at a software conference, I wondered if anyone was looking at the data that the elevators supplied to see how long it took for elevators to get to the 24th floor, how many elevators needed to be running, and if they needed to configure a block of elevators that catered to floors 1 – 12 and a different block of elevators that catered to floors 13 – 24.  But what I was really wondering was “why my needs (getting to the lobby fast) weren’t being met.

Data fuels Digital Transformation

A key part of companies’ digital transformation journey is learning how to intelligently integrate all of the information they are collecting so that they can  cater to this always-on, instant gratification world that we live in.   And as that information continues to grow, this task becomes more and more daunting.  A recent report by the research firm IDC indicated by the year 2025:

  • 75% of the world’s population (more than 6 billion consumers) will interact with data every day
  • Each connected person will have at least one data interaction every 18 seconds
  • The billions of IoT devices connected across the globe are expected to create over 90 Zettabytes of data
  • The collective sum of the world’s data will grow to a massive 175 Zettabytes


This explosion is truly remarkable.  And those enterprises that know how to harness information to gain insights to fuel innovation will be the winners in the digital economy.  Because those enterprises will be able to satisfy their customers.  And satisfied customers are loyal customers.

The question is, how do you harness all of the information collected so you can use it in a productive way to create loyal customers?

Enter SAP Data Hub

SAP Global PartnerSUSE’s Global Partner SAP has an answer – SAP Data Hub.  With its fully containerized architecture, SAP Data Hub is an all in one data orchestration solution, providing orchestration and governance on any type of information collected across the entire landscape.  Data Hub can pull  from sources such as Hadoop, Amazon S3, Google GCS, Azure ADL and relational databases, and enterprise applications like SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA.

SAP Data Hub not only helps you understand this data, but also presents you with opportunities that this information presents.  This provides you with the insight your business needs to innovate with insight.  So whether it’s optimizing your elevators or your supply chain, you are doing it with confidence.

Validated for SAP Data Hub, SUSE CaaS Platform enables multi-cloud deployments with hypercloud independent Kubernetes solutions.  Couple that with SUSE Enterprise Storage, a unified and highly scalable storage solution that is cost-efficient and seamlessly adapts to changing business demands, and you have the platform you need for SAP Data Hub.

Introducing SUSE Start for SUSE CaaS Platform

To jumpstart your implementation, SUSE Global Services is expanding our SUSE Start offering to include SUSE CaaS Platform to get your containerized infrastructure up and running quickly.  With this new offering, you will work with our product and technical experts to:

  • Install and configure SUSE CaaS Platform using best practices
  • Install and configure SUSE Enterprise Storage as your highly scalable and resilient software defined storage solution
  • Implement SAP Data Hub so that you have confidence that your new SUSE infrastructure supports your desired business outcomes


SUSE Start for SUSE CaaS Platform to support SAP Data Hub


And with SUSE Start, your product and technical experts will work with you and your team to ensure that knowledge transfer occurs so you can be confident in you your new implementation.

Start leveraging all of the information you are collecting, from all of your various sources, no matter what they are.  Quickly realize the value of having the right technology, implemented by the right people, at the right time. Start today by fueling your digital business with SUSE Start for SUSE CaaS Platform.  Download the flyer to learn how SUSE Global Services is your trusted partner to implement and deploy this technology.

Shouldn’t you run SAP Data Hub on the same operating system and container solution running your HANA environment — SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Enterprise Storage?

Run with the best. Run your SAP Solution on SUSE.


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