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How Wipro Modernizes Application Delivery for the Retail Industry with SUSE and AWS


Wipro case study

We recently published an interesting case study about how Wipro solved an application delivery challenge for their customers using SUSE Cloud Application Platform and Amazon EKS.

WiPro’s Fortune 500 retail industry customers wanted to modernize their application development and delivery processes but were challenged by legacy infrastructure, slow application development cycles, and inability to customize customer experiences at scale. WiPro worked with SUSE and AWS to create a new platform for retail customers that is more scalable, agile, and seamless to operate. Time to deployment reduced by up to 40% and overall deployments increased by 30%. The overall application-release pipeline accelerated by up to 40% through automation. Reduced costs by improving resource utilization-per-service by nearly 30%.

Wipro can now offer digital transformation services that leverage SUSE Cloud Application Platform. Its customers will be in a position to realize greater value from their cloud environment when combining scalable, modular, and highly resilient applications leveraging microservices and containers. This allows them to deliver applications faster and with greater customization, without straining any additional IT resources.

Read the full case study here.


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