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How SUSE Certification can help You and Your Organization


In a world of digitization, open-source technologies are the driving force. Over the years, Linux has been the preferred Operating System for most of the enterprises, irrespective of the size of the business, due to its proven security and stability. You may not know but your favorite coffee shop or your everyday supermarket may be running a Linux machine at the backend. Adoption has grown immensely during the past few years and hiring open source talent is a priority for 83% of hiring managers. Undoubtedly, one of the most demanding skill categories is Linux. We tend to hear words like Docker, Kubernetes, Ceph, etc… and they are all built on top of Linux. Due to these reasons, Hiring Managers are opting to train their existing employees on Linux and on various open source technologies.


SUSE has been in the technology industry for more than 25 years and Linux is the core in everything we do. We build enterprise-grade Linux for different hardware architectures, virtualization platforms and even for public clouds. In order to meet more demanding technologies and adoption models, our core has evolved from monolithic to Modular based and our portfolio is evolving from Openstack based cloud solutions to Kubernetes based Container platforms. SUSE has always been adapting to industry needs and technological innovations. This means organizations need a way to learn and adapt these technologies to meet their business demands and to fulfill their IT digital transformation goals. Best way to achieve it through SUSE Training and Certification program.

Delivered by a SUSE Certified Instructor (SCI), the program can maximize the IT team’s skill & knowledge and also build confidence to face the evolving technology challenges. SUSE Certification program covers the entire technology portfolio using real-world content and keeps it up-to-date so that the organizations can drive their businesses with the latest and greatest in technology. From Linux system administration to emerging technologies like cloud, containers & storage, SUSE Certifications can boost the bottom line and help reduce unplanned downtimes.

Organizations see more return-on-investment with SUSE Training and Certification program as their staff can now act faster with better helpdesk responses and outage resolutions. It is proven that SUSE Certified Professionals have increased the overall productivity of their workplace and adds value to their individual career growth.

For more information, reach out to our SUSE Training Partners or your local SUSE Partner or simply contact SUSE. We adapt and you succeed.


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