According to a recent Forrester study, IT spends 70% of its budget on just maintaining their existing environment. And some customers tell us this percentage is even higher in their organizations. The reason is that data centers have become increasingly complex. New technologies and rapid data center development have created endless new opportunities, but also monitoring and management challenges. The good news is that – at least for your Linux environment – SUSE can help you to reduce this complexity – with SUSE Manager.

Built for Linux, SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class capabilities that enable organizations to comprehensively manage SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise
Linux servers with a single, centralized solution. SUSE Manager automates Linux server management, allowing you to more quickly and accurately provision and maintain
servers across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Plus, you can monitor the health of each Linux server in your data center, so you can identify server performance
issues before they impact your business. As a result, you can decrease total cost of ownership while improving compliance, security and service quality.

In short, SUSE Manager allows you to execute the following tasks:

  • Inventorying your systems (hardware and software information)
  • Installing and updating software on your systems
  • Building groups to apply (custom) software packages to individual systems
  • Provisioning your systems (AutoYaST/Kickstart)
  • Managing and deploying configuration files to your systems
  • Monitoring your systems
  • Provisioning and starting/stopping/configuring virtual guests
  • Distributing content across multiple geographical sites in an efficient manner

But the really exciting news of today is that SUSE just recently made available SUSE Manager 2.1 for IBM z Systems, which can be hosted on IBM z Systems servers and can manage all SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers in your environment, including the virtual instances on IBM z Systems as well as virtual and physical instances on IBM Power Systems and x86_64 platforms. This version of SUSE Manager is now delivered as an appliance image, which makes installation on your z Systems server really easy. Supported IBM z Systems servers are IBM zEnterprise System z196, IBM zEnterprise, IBM zEnterprise System z114, IBM zEnterprise EC12, IBM zEnterprise BC12, IBM z13, and of course also the newly announced and Linux-only configuration machines LinuxOne Emperor and Rockhopper.

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