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Do Business Outcomes Require Complete Solutions?


Products vs SolutionsIf you are in the market for a house, you could get in your car and head down to your local hardware store to find the solution and the “stuff” you need. Of course you will need a very large truck to carry it all but here is the general list of things you will need:

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Windows
  • Pipes
  • Doors
  • Roofing


Now I know this isn’t a complete list but it’s a good start!   And, even though I’ve never built a house before, I’m sure there are blueprints, right?  I mean, after all, once I have the pieces on hand,  how hard can it be? Would my family want to live in a house I built? (In case you are wondering, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

In fact, my family quickly reminded me that I have no experience HOW to build a house, let alone experience with electrical, plumbing, or roofing.  So this (luckily fictional) house might not be EXACTLY what they expected.  After some convincing, I quickly gave up my dream of building a house and bought a house that an experienced team built, a team that I trusted.

So What’s Your Point, Ryan?

My father has always said that having the right tools for the job is the only way to go. Sometimes that right tool is knowing who to call. There are some jobs that you leave to the experts. Things like building your house, a bank holding your money (unless you keep it in the mattress), a doctor, or the workloads in your data center.

Labor is the most important part of anything, think cars or house, because without the assembly it’s just a pile of stuff. The craftsmanship, experience and expertise that is put it into each build provides the greatest value and turns a pile of metal, wood and concrete into something of use. Whether it’s a house, car, or a data center you have a desired outcome and so you need a solution — not just stuff. After all, I wasn’t buying just a wall or a window or sheetrock,  I was buying a place to call home.

Desired Outcomes Require Complete Solutions

Software is just that, the pieces that make up a solution. SUSE has great solutions backed by SUSE Support that are necessary for a software-defined data center or to increase application delivery.  But how do you turn these solutions into business outcomes? Another way to ask this is, how do you provide solutions to your business challenges with product?

SUSE Global Services has the expertise and knowledge to provide your organization with the solutions that create business outcomes that have a direct effect on your business. Our team has the experience to learn your environment and will work with your team to develop a roadmap for you. We will build your house together and make sure that technology outcomes compliment your business outcomes and we are forming a true partnership.

Our team of consultants understand what you are going through and will be in the trenches with you as we build your solution together. With the SUSE portfolio, we  can create a solution and road map for you and your organization.  And, as the OPEN open source company we pride ourselves on building solutions that can be tailored to your current needs while taking into account your future growth without having to ‘rip and replace’ your investments.

Read our Three Reasons WhyYou Need a Services Partner for IT Transformation to learn more about why you shouldn’t “build your house” alone.


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