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CNCF Releases Kubernetes 1.15


SUSE congratulates the Kubernetes team for the release of Kubernetes 1.15.

This new release focuses on two themes: Continuous Improvement and Extensibility.

In regard to Continuous Improvement, the project has focused not just on features, but on the rest of the product development process: improving test coverage, ensuring that current stable features do not “decay” as new capabilities are added, maturing existing features, and cleaning up the bug backlog.

In this release, key areas of Extensibility have been enhanced, including Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) and API Machinery.

While the release includes 26 enhancements, only two of these are promotions to stable status. These are:

  • When CRDs are used, custom fields can shown (using plugins) in the output of kubectl get and kubectl describe.
  • Go code and dependencies can be organized and managed more effectively using Go modules.

In addition, there has been an improvement to the recently-enhanced priority and preemption features. You can now create a non-preempting Pod priority. If set on a class, the pod will continue to be prioritized above queued pods of a lesser class, but will not preempt running pods This is especially useful when part or all of the cluster’s purpose is batch processing. If a higher-priority job were to be able to preempt a lower-priority batch job, in many cases all of the batch job’s work would be lost. this change allows the batch job to keep running, but ensures that future available resources (potentially including those released by a completed batch job) will be given to the higher-priority job.

The release also offers dozens of bugfixes and feature gap fills in the areas of API Machinery, Apps, Authentication, Autoscaler, Cluster Lifecycle, Instrumentation, Network, Node, OpenStack, Scheduling, and storage, plus integration with public clouds, OpenStack, VMware, and Windows.

With this focus on bug fixing and gap filling, the continuous improvement goal is kept front and center, making Kubernetes even more a strong and stable container orchestration choice for your enterprise.

SUSE CaaS Platform 4 is now in beta. Future beta releases and the GA release coming later this year will pick up these features and fixes, which, paired with the SUSE Enterprise Hardening benefits – updates, maintenance, testing, support, integration, and training – make SUSE CaaS Platform the optimal choice for your application delivery needs for cloud-native applications.

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