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How can DevOps support business agility?


Today, most companies’ success relies on software and applications, directly or indirectly, but in all cases with a significant impact on their overall performance. From that perspective, having the right culture and the right processes and tools for software and application development, as well as their delivery and maintenance, is not only necessary but essential for companies to differentiate themselves and succeed in every market.


I recently wrote an article on “How DevOps Can Support Business Agility for All Companies to Stay Business-Relevant”, and in it, I focus on the appropriate tools for DevOps in the context of business agility, say Enterprise DevOps. And although related processes can be generalized somewhat, together with culture they are more company/situation specific than the tools themselves, thus our focus on tools here. Together with tools and solutions SUSE is providing, we would, however, be happy to discuss culture and processes with you directly. Take a look at the complete article here and learn how DevOps and SUSE can support you.

You can also expect more from us on the developers and DevOps front in the coming weeks, as obviously we’re increasing our capabilities on enterprise Platform as a Service following the HPE related announcement, and we have more surprises to come for our developers friends!

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