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Broadview Networks and SUSE: a Geo Redundancy Solution for Regional Disasters


When Hurricane Sandy struck New York City in 2012, the basement of Broadview Networks, a telecom and data services provider, was completely under water. But the company itself wasn’t. In fact, it was on perfect uptime thanks to diesel-powered generators, despite the citywide loss of power that caught so many New York-based companies off guard. However, Sandy inspired the company to seek out a geographical (geo) redundancy solution capable of quickly switching services over to a replicated, geographically distant site should the next regional disaster warrant such a switch.

Broadview Networks and SUSE had had a mutually beneficial relationship since 2010, when Broadview chose to implement SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension. In Hurricane Sandy’s wake, Geo Clustering boosts High Availability Extension clustering capabilities across unlimited distances, so in regional disasters, an entire site can failover to another site, protecting business continuity and data integrity.

Its geo redundancy solution, leveraging Geo Clustering for SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, helps Broadview assure its customers that it can maintain its impressive five-nines (99.999 percent) uptime track record even in regional disasters.

You can read the entire case study here . And please check out our webpage to learn how SUSE products and solutions can help your organization stay up and running 99.999 percent uptime.

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