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Announcing Microsoft SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Microsoft SQL Server v.Next is delivering the power of SQL Server for all your applications, and now on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server! We’re excited to share today’s announcement and bring the database that provides industry-leading performance and security to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

According to Rohan Kumar, General Manager, Database Systems Group at Microsoft Corp., “We’re bringing the power of SQL Server to the operating system of choice for numerous enterprise applications and industries. Customers using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12 SP2 will now be able to run SQL Server applications with supercharged in-memory performance, data encryption at rest and in motion, and the scale to support applications large and small.”

Why should you be looking at SQL Server v.Next on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?

– Reduce and Transform TCO – Develop, build, and run next-gen intelligent applications on the value-packed database that can reduce TCO more than 12x compared to legacy database solutions and run it on a reliable, scalable, pay-as-you-go public cloud with SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

– Minimize Vulnerability – Run the least vulnerable database tracked by NIST for 7 years in a row, backed with encryption at rest and in-motion on the Enterprise Linux OS that is trusted by 80% of the Fortune 500 for its’ ability to deliver reliability, availability, and security backed by award-winning support.

– Build High Performance, Highly-Available Applications – Combine SUSE High Availability solutions with the database that can deliver up to 30x faster transactions with in-memory OLTP, and up to 100x faster analytical queries with in-memory column store for applications which require performance that doesn’t quit.

These three steps will set you on the path to modernize your applications and get off the expensive legacy database technology that you’ve been stuck to!

  1. Get started now with the SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server setup instructions. Or, apply for the Early Adoption Program for help bringing your SQL Server on SUSE Linux application to production before general availability:
  1. Sign up for this webinar to see a demonstration of SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server by Travis Wright, Principal Program Manager for SQL Server v.Next:
  1. Join us on our SUSE Expert Days for a hands-on experience and learn more how Microsoft SQL Server on SUSE Linux can be a part of your organization’s Digital Transformation journey.

SQL Server on SUSE Linux


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