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Ambedded’s ARM-based, Ceph Storage Appliance Goes Green


With deep knowledge in open source software, distributed storage, embedded Linux and ARM-based architecture, Ambedded burst on the scene in 2013 as an innovator of software-defined storage.

Today, with an ARM micro-server that leverages Ceph Unified Virtual Storage Manager (UVM), Ambedded has teamed up with SUSE Embedded to introduce SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 (also based on Ceph) to its line of storage appliances. The result is unified software-defined storage that provides object storage, block storage and file system in a single cluster.

The Ambedded appliance delivers a high performing, low power storage option that can scale with ease, while helping mid-and large-scale enterprises avoid a single-point of failure by pairing a single-server node with a single-storage device.

There’s no denying the massive amount of data generated in this day and age. In addition, the number of devices that create that data continues to grow exponentially. With that in mind, the demand for intelligent, software-defined storage is changing the way organizations establish, manage, and maintain storage clusters.

SUSE is thrilled to be part of this evolution, and for strong partnerships with companies like Ambedded that help drive open-source innovation forward.

Learn about this unified Ceph storage appliance by visiting, and read more about the recent partnership announced between SUSE and Ambedded.



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