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SUSE Support Treats You “Like Family”


SUSE Support Treats You Like FamilyIf you’ve spent any amount of time watching television in the US in the past few years, no doubt you’ve seen the advertisements for The Olive Garden, boasting “When you’re here, you’re family!” But when was the last time you felt like that when calling on technical support?

The Truth About Support

We’ve all been there, right? You have an issue and you need to call customer service.  It could be a damaged package or a an issue with your IT infrustructure.  Honestly, did that experience make you feel like a valued family member?

Customer service is in a sorry state; just look at these stats:

  • Nearly 90 percent of Americans have dealt with customer service for one reason or another during the past year, according to a recent survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center, and the experience is often frustrating.
  • A recent study by McKinsey shows that among B2B decision makers, lack of speed in customer service is their number one pain point.
  • Forrester reports that the majority of adults (73%) feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do.


Beyond just trying to reach someone who can help resolve the problem, another documented complaint is the attitude of IT support personnel. Who wants to feel like their rep is rolling their eyes at them.   Whatever happened to the old stand-by “there is no such thing as a stupid question?

Today’s digital world requires white glove service where the customer is king.  Our digital world provides lots of options for our customers. At SUSE, we know that our customer support is just one way we can not only keep our customers, but turn them into advocates.

SUSE Support:  We Treat You Like Family

Now consider these facts taken from the survey at SUSECON ’19:

  • 65% bought a SUSE solution because of the support
  • 80% said that having SUSE support increased their confidence in using open source solutions
  • 57% said that SUSE support consistently exceeds their expectations


We pride ourself on treating every customer like family. At SUSE – our support engineers care about your success and are with you every step of the way from logging a new incident to problem resolution – just like family. We are transparent, proactive, and will communicate with you openly and honestly until you are satisfied with your resolution. And in our recent survey, transparency ranked as the number two most important factor – just behind maintenance and security patches.

“Backed by SUSE Support” means your business is secure knowing that it will always have a relationship with a SUSE team that provides business value and customer satisfaction. Choose the right open source solution for your business—choose a solution backed by SUSE support.

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