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4-Steps to Prepare for a SUSE Certification Exam from a SUSE Sr. Certified Instructor


Are you preparing for a SUSE certification exam or looking to pursue in the future? Are you wondering what the best prep strategies are to achieve success? To get these answers, we asked our in-house SUSE Certified Instructor.

Aaron Southerland, a SUSE Sr. Certified Instructor, has over 11 years of technical instruction and currently holds 7 SUSE certifications, shared his experience with an easy-to-follow, 4-step process that works for him.

But first, let’s learn a little more about SUSE’s certification program. SUSE certification exams are administered remotely and proctored online through Questionmark. Exams are comprised of 70 multiple choice questions, where you will have 90 minutes to complete. To pass, you must achieve at least a 70%.

Before attempting an exam, clearly review the stated exam objectives and be sure you also meet any required prerequisites if necessary. You can find comprehensive information regarding SUSE certification exams on the SUSE training website at www.suse.com/training/exam.

Now that you know more about SUSE certification exams, let’s jump into the prep strategy of getting SUSE certified as recommended by a SUSE Sr. Certified Instructor.

4-Step Process to SUSE Certification:

  1. Train
    • Take the course(s) that is directly associated to the SUSE certification exam. This can be done either as an instructor-led training course or on your own through eLearning. Discover areas you need to study more on.
  2. Read
    • Read word-for-word, the lecture and lab guides of the course. Be sure to also research any additional questions you have using the SUSE official product documentation which can be found at Supported products | SUSE Documentation
  3. Practice
    • Practice makes perfect! Hands-on lab exercises are available with instructor-led training and eLearning Gold and Platinum subscriptions and are a great way to reinforce your learning. Quizzes are also available at the end of each section of the course.
  4. Repeat
    • Rinse and repeat steps 2-3 until you feel you know the material inside and out.

Then take the test!

We recognize preparation and results may not look the same for everyone, so these are general best practices. How do you prepare for certification? What works best for you?

Happy Studying and Success!

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