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Introducing Digital Badges


We live in a digital-first world, so why is your proof of certification still paper?  SUSE is pleased to have teamed with a leader in digital badging, Accredible, to provide digital badges upon completion of SUSE technical certifications.

SUSE digital badges are available for all of our technical certifications, including  SLES, SLES for SAP, SUMA, and Rancher Prime.  In addition, if you currently hold a certification in current technology, you will automatically get a digital badge.  The certifications that qualify include:

  • SCA in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
  • SCA+ in SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 15
  • SCE in SLES for SAP Applications 15
  • SCE in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
  • SCA in SUSE Rancher 2.6
  • SCDS in SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes Distributions
  • SCA in SUSE Manager 4
  • SCDS in SUSE Manager 4

The magic of digital badges

You might be thinking to yourself:  What’s the big deal about a digital badge?  That is a great question and I am so glad you asked.

The downside of paper certificates

Let’s first take a look at paper certificates.  Besides the gratification of having that “piece of paper,” paper certificates have a number of downfalls.  The top three being:

  1. They tend to get lost. Who among us have not lost an important piece of paper?  Perhaps you put it in a special location, but is that location waterproof?  Fireproof?  Do you have a duplicate copy in the event it gets stolen or lost?  Or would you have to go back to the issuer to get one?  See the problem?
  2. They are not easily verifiable. Sure you can provide a piece of paper showing certification, but how does a company verify the certification?  Do they know what you did to attain that certification and how do they find out?  Simply showing a certificate is not enough.
  3. They are easily faked. Anyone with some graphic skills and a little bit of time can easily fake a paper certificate.  How do prospective colleagues or companies know that they are looking at the real thing.

Digital badges to the rescue

On the other hand, digital badges have numerous advantages.  Let’s look at the top three:

  1. Your badge is easily shared. Sharing your success is easy. You can use the Accredible social media widgets to share on your favorite social media platform.  You can share your unique URL with potential stakeholders and invite them to view your credential web page.  Or, you can even embed your digital credential into your email signature, website, or blog to increase visibility.  The possibilities are nearly endless.
  2. Your badge is verifiable. Verifying qualifications is a difficult and time-consuming process. Paper certificates are easy to misplace or become damaged over time. Unlike paper certificates, digital badges not only offer one-click verification, but they are also near-impossible to fake.
  3. Your badge is portable. That means, once you’ve earned the badge, the badge is yours.  And because they are yours, you can manage and display them how you see fit.  And you will have access to the badge as long as you meet the criteria of the badge.

Showcase your success!

SUSE Technical Certified Professionals, it’s time to showcase your success!  From sharing on LinkedIn to using your badge in your email signature, show the world that you are proud of your accomplishments!  For more information download our flyer, visit the digital badge website, or watch this short video.

Not certified yet?  Learn more about certifications here.  Then check out our eLearning subscriptions for the easiest path to SUSE technical certification!



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Stacey Miller Stacey is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SUSE. With more than 20 years in the high-tech industry, Stacey has a wide breadth of technical marketing expertise.