You’ve earned it; now showcase it!

Digital Badging Flyer download

Upon completion of your certification, you will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain your digital badge. Your digital badge is a visual snapshot of your achievement. Showcase it on LinkedIn and add it to your email signature. It will link back to a verified web page with all the details behind your certification.

Benefits of Your Digital Badge

Obtaining certification is no small fete and your digital badge is proof of your success.


Your Badge is Sharable

Sharing your success is easy. Use the social media widgets to share on your favorite social platform. Or embed your unique URL into your email signature or web site. The choices are endless.


Your Badge is Verifiable

Take the pain out of verifying credentials. With a simple click, your credentials are verifiable with proven legitimacy due to the meta data that is behind every badge.


Your Badge is Portable

Your digital badge is yours for as long as you meet the criteria of that badge. You manage and display the badge on your terms.

Digital Badge FAQ

01 How do I get my badge?

Recipients who have achieved their SUSE certification will receive an email from Accredible that allows them to simply access their badge. From the unique url provided, recipients can view download or share their badge. It also Includes a video on how to use the badge.

02 I have already earned a SUSE certification. Can I still get a digital badge?

Yes, some digital badges will be applied retrospectively to the following product certifications:

SCA in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

SCA+ in SUSE Linux Enterprise High Avail­ability 15

SCE in SLES for SAP Applications 15

SCE in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

SCA in SUSE Rancher 2.6

SCDS in SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes Distributions

SCA in SUSE Manager 4

SCDS in SUSE Manager 4

03 If for some reason I do not receive my email awarding my credential what can I do to retrieve my credential?

First check that you email has not gone directly into your ‘Junk’ folder. If you are unable to locate this email then you can self-serve by finding your credentials at the following: Accredible Retrieve Cre­dentials Tool.

Simply enter your email address into the tool. This page will then fetch any creden­tials associated with your email address and send you links to each credential.

04 Can you show me the best way to use my digital badge?

Watch this short video to learn the many ways you can access and use your badge.

05 If I still have questions, where can I go for help?

Please send an email to