SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 on Dell PowerEdge


By Jim Riley, Global Alliance Director at SUSE

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6, the latest and greatest, is now available on Dell PowerEdge systems. We’ve worked with Dell to develop and release a reference architecture that outlines everything that goes in to this joint offering. This new solution brings together the versatility of OpenStack, the improvements we’ve made to make it easier to deploy and manage, and industry-leading hardware and support from Dell.

OpenStack CloudSUSE and Dell have engineered a fully prescriptive methodology to the installation and configuration of the solution to further simplify deployment on Dell systems. This unique differentiator from other solutions in the market, this “recipe” approach to setting up SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 on the PowerEdge systems, accelerates identification and configuration of your network environment and a provides a rapid launch of our SUSE Administration Host to help ease the fan-out of nodes in the cloud.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Crowbar updates: Scaling/foundation for non-disruption and a
    new UI
  • Expanded hypervisor support: Provides more client datacenter versatility
  • HA availability: SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 extends the cluster to include compute nodes as VM
  • Shared file service: Enables customers to easily set up file shares between virtual machines

SUSE and Dell have identified key uses cases for this solution and provided a scale out approach to covering a development lab up to an enterprise implementation. And you can read all about it by downloading and reading through the reference architecture available from SUSE and Dell. And, as always, feel free to reach out to the Dell team here at SUSE should you have any questions:

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