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SUSE Attains Dell Technologies’ Telecom Certification


SUSE, a global leader in innovative open-source software solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving Telcom Certification from Dell Technologies. This certification reinforces the strength of the longstanding partnership between SUSE and Dell Technologies, showcasing their joint commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the telecommunications industry.

What is the significance of Dell Technologies’ telecom certification?

This certification validates the ability of SUSE’s telco-grade stack to run telco applications on Dell’s industry-leading range of telco-specific PowerEdge XR series servers while meeting the rigorous performance requirements of production scenarios. It affirms SUSE’s Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform as a reliable, robust, and highly performant solution, which is crucial in the telecommunications sector where stability and efficiency are paramount.

Certification ensures meeting the high bar of Telecom edge solutions.

To obtain this certification, SUSE collaborated with Dell Technologies on a demo showcased at KubeCon last year. The demonstration involved deploying SUSE’s telco edge stack on Dell’s telco-specific PowerEdge XR series servers, with Intel FlexRAN running on top of the resulting Kubernetes environment. The joint teams conducted various performance testing scenarios to ensure the workload could operate seamlessly at its full capacity. This rigorous testing process ensured that SUSE’s telco edge solutions were thoroughly evaluated and met the demanding requirements of a telco network function when running on Dell’s telco-focused hardware.

Several key products from both SUSE and Dell Technologies were tested during the certification process. This included SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) with a real-time kernel, SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro, K3s, and Rancher. By validating the performance and compatibility of these products, SUSE and Dell Technologies have set a high bar for telco edge solutions, providing operators with reliable and efficient tools to build their telecommunications infrastructure.

How does the certification benefit customers?

Customers can now have complete confidence that SUSE’s telco edge solution is not only fully functional but also highly performant on Dell Technologies’ telco-focused hardware. This collaboration between SUSE and Dell Technologies guarantees seamless integration and optimized performance, enabling operators to leverage the full potential of their telco applications. The certification demonstrates our joint commitment to delivering successful outcomes and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The collaboration between SUSE and Dell Technologies goes beyond achieving telecom certification. With a partnership spanning over 20 years, both companies have consistently delivered innovative solutions across various domains, from sensors and machines to cloud, on-premises, and edge computing. With a shared commitment to open-source technologies, SUSE and Dell Technologies continue to empower customers with flexible, scalable, and secure solutions that drive digital transformation in the telecommunications industry.

SUSE’s achievement of Dell Technologies’ telecom certification is a testament to the exceptional performance and functionality of SUSE’s telco edge solution on Dell’s telco-focused hardware. This milestone further solidifies the long-standing partnership between the two companies and reinforces their joint commitment to delivering reliable and high-performance solutions to the telecommunications industry. With this certification, operators can confidently leverage SUSE’s telco edge stack on Dell’s hardware, unlocking new possibilities and ensuring the success of their telecom applications.

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