Optimize operations with automated provisioning, patching and configuration

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are changing everything – from personalized interactions with retailers when online or in the store to autonomous vehicles, these new workloads are affecting everyone. However, the most challenging place to be in IT. The infrastructure continues to transform and expand with assets ranging from IoT devices to servers and workstations running in your data center, in the cloud or somewhere on the edge. In addition, with new workloads being deployed in containers, VMs or directly on the servers, managing the infrastructure is not easy. The increased diversity of the software-defined infrastructure along with new application delivery models have made managing your IT environments even more challenging. So, how do you manage all that complexity and still increase IT efficiency?

Simple. You use SUSE Infrastructure Management solutions. They provide everything you need to manage your IT infrastructure from the edge to the core to the cloud. They help you:

  • Manage complexity with a single tool to manage Linux systems however and wherever they are deployed
  • Optimize operations with automated provisioning, patching and configuration
  • Ensure compliance of systems to your security policies

Our enterprise solutions are built using open-source technology and backed by SUSE Support that is experienced, always on and treats you like family.

An Introduction to SUSE Manager


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