Production-ready, full lifecycle container security

Secure your containers anywhere with SUSE NeuVector. Apply best-in-class security and compliance measures to your containerized applications and infrastructure from core to cloud to edge.

Zero Trust, Cloud Native Approach to Security

Secure your clusters with confidence across any Kubernetes environment. Detect network attacks and automate container protection and vulnerability scans across your container infrastructure.

Unify Kubernetes Management and Security

Consolidate cluster operations and risk management of workloads. SUSE NeuVector is now integrated with Rancher, giving operators a complete open source stack to build resilient containers at scale.

Tobias Gurtzick, Security Architect
" SUSE NeuVector provides the network inspection, visualization and security needed for dynamic container environments. The solution integrates easily into our automated workflow and the built-in intelligence lets us scale quickly. It even helped us debug network connections from misconfigured application updates. "

How does SUSE NeuVector 5.0 help fortify any containers environments?

Industry-leading, enterprise-ready container security solution

SUSE NeuVector is a complete container security solution that delivers deep visibility insights and detects risks across any container environment.

  • Zero Trust approach to security
  • Production-ready and used by enterprises across the globe
  • Full lifecycle security complete with enterprise support subscriptions from SUSE
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Enhanced automated workload controls for additional security threat detection

Now fully open sourced, SUSE NeuVector 5.0 helps operators scale their environments with confidence with its new automated run-time protections for container workloads

  • New web application firewall and data loss prevention
  • Zero drift workload protection
  • Automated protection mode migration
  • Enhanced support for security policy as code automation
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Integrated, comprehensive and secure multi-cluster management

Reduce your risk and improve the Kubernetes operational experience with full lifecycle security and cluster management through SUSE NeuVector’s integration into Rancher.

  • Single sign-on authentication within Rancher for administrative access to NeuVector console
  • New support for deployments in RKE2 and K3s
  • Easy accessibility via Rancher Apps and Marketplace
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Get hands-on with SUSE NeuVector 5.0

Join our team of experts at our special global meetup where we will dive deep into the SUSE NeuVector 5.0 release. See how we’re helping our users secure their container workloads as they scale from core to cloud to edge.

Wednesday May 25, 2022
10:00am – 12:00pm PT
1:00pm - 3:00pm ET

The Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Security

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