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Don't interrupt users when you need to patch your desktops. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop includes a suite of tools that make it easy to install, configure and maintain your Linux desktop.

Think a Linux upgrade for your desktops is going to be hard? Think again. SUSE makes it easy to deploy and update Linux on your desktops. We even allow you to customize your deployments to meet specific needs. However you use it, you can easily administer, update and centrally manage SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to meet your particular business requirements. Upgrade your desktops to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop today.

Install, configure and update with YaST

SUSE Linux Enteprise Desktop comes with YaST, a comprehensive installation, configuration and administration suite. Unique to the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, YaST is the secret weapon for clean upgrades. It also includes tools to help you configure your desktop from end-user settings to network connections. Thanks to YaST, you barely have to spend any time on Linux updates.

AutoYaST is a time-saving deployment tool that automatically performs installations and configurations. Since SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop shares a common code base with the entire SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, you have access to AutoYaST for an enterprise installation and deployment. AutoYaST allows for unattended and automated installation, so your upgrades don't have to burn cycles for your skilled IT workers. With AutoYaST, administrators can create a consistent baseline configuration for new installations in large or expanding deployments, and the upgrade virtually takes care of itself.

Keep things patched with SUSE Manager

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is supported by SUSE Manager, a comprehensive, centralized Linux management solution that offers cost-effective software management, system provisioning and monitoring capabilities—allowing easy management of Linux deployments across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

SUSE Manager complements YaST by enabling IT administrators to centrally deploy, upgrade and update their entire data centers inside the firewall. This enables dramatic IT savings and simplicity. This industry-leading solution offers a significant cost advantage over home-grown or competing solutions, making complex upgrades a thing of the past.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

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