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Product Features

Cost Effective

  • Slash your desktop costs

Tired of paying high prices for Windows? Then switch to a Linux desktop. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop can cost up to 90 percent less than Windows and Office, making this Linux desktop more than pay for itself. Change the way you think about your desktop platform and lower your costs today. More

  • Dozens of bundled applications

Get more bang for your buck. Want a web browser? Check. Want email and calendaring? Check. Want instant messaging, multimedia and dozens of other essential applications? Check, check, check. Get the Linux desktop that comes bundled with dozens of leading applications—all at no extra cost. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is the all-in-one desktop solution that ramps up productivity. More

Plays Well with Others

  • Interoperable with Windows

Your operating systems don't have to be at war. Choose the Linux desktop that plays best with your current IT environment. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop supports leading multimedia file formats and thousands of plug-and-play devices. It also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and connects to Novell® GroupWise® and Microsoft Exchange. More

Fun to Use

  • Market-leading usability

This is a Linux desktop you will clamor to use. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivers an intuitive desktop experience through an award-winning graphical user interface, integrated search and accessibility capabilities, and powerful 3D graphical effects. Give your users the very best. A Linux desktop, available in a host of languages, that gives you a dramatically new way to be productive. More

Supported, Secure, and Easy on IT

  • Enterprise supported

Getting an active subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop means we've got you covered. You get maintenance updates, bug fixes, and security patches. You get email and telephone support from our award-winning technical services organization. You get technology assurance and product upgrades at no additional charge. And most importantly, you get peace of mind. More

  • Bullet-proof security

Protect your desktop from harmful virus attacks, malware, and other security threats. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop comes with AppArmor, which creates a firewall around each application you use. This Linux desktop also comes with other features like an integrated VPN and antivirus tools so you can deliver bullet-proof security in your enterprise. More

  • Easy to manage

Reduce headaches. No more interruptions for your users whenever you need to patch your Linux desktops. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop includes a suite of tools that make it easy to install, configure and maintain your Linux desktop. You can also use SUSE Manager to centrally manage and update your desktops. More

  • Green IT friendly

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Going green can help you reduce consumption of valuable resources and save you money. This Linux desktop has key features for smart power management. Its lower system requirements, compared to Windows, let you reuse existing hardware instead of buying new machines. Finally, you can now go green by deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop as a virtual desktop from the data center or cloud, without sacrificing quality or performance.