Gestion responsable : Environnement, social et gouvernance

En tant qu’entreprise dont l’objectif est de tirer parti de la puissance de l’Open Source pour aider ses clients à innover partout, la stratégie environnementale, sociale et de gouvernance (ESG) de SUSE est au coeur de notre activité et de notre croissance durable. Nous cherchons, par le biais de cette stratégie, à créer une valeur partagée pour nos clients, nos partenaires, nos employés, nos communautés et nos investisseurs.

Notre vision ESG

La vision de SUSE est d’avoir un impact réel sur les sujets sociétaux et environnementaux importants pour nos parties prenantes. Pour concrétiser notre vision, nous nous concentrons sur un leadership solide, l’engagement des employés et les partenariats stratégiques.

Employee Engagement
  • Six employee networks (GoGreen, Women in Technology, Pride, Open Source Community Citizens, Neurodiversity, SUSE Camp) engage employees and provide a space to share common interests, fostering inclusiveness and community at all levels.
  • SUSE promotes volunteerism as each employee gets one paid day per year to volunteer, with recognition for their community service.
Partnering for Impact
  • SUSE partners with charities with external organizations to drive sustainable and social impact for our stakeholders.
  • For example, we partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, a global non-profit organization, to plant trees, reduce deforestation, and restore communities in Madagascar.

Nos domaines d’intérêt

SUSE est une organisation transparente et axée sur les objectifs, qui innove pour fournir des solutions tout en apportant une contribution positive à la société. Un engagement fort en faveur de l’ESG fait partie de notre réussite, car nous avons déjà fait et continuons de faire des progrès significatifs dans de nombreux domaines.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and employee engagement and well-being are key priorities for SUSE. We want all our people to feel supported by our unique and vibrant culture, as that ensures everyone at SUSE can bring their authentic selves to work.


Organizations today face increasing pressure to deliver mutually beneficial value to their shareholders and the world at large. By enabling our customers to innovate everywhere, we organically help them create more sustainable enterprises.


We apply a scientific approach to climate action by decarbonizing our business and value chain while delivering energy-efficient products and solutions. We set ambitious goals backed by strong stakeholder participation and aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Business Integrity

Our compliance policies, governance framework and integrated risk management processes allow SUSE to operate ethically, govern effectively and ensure integrity in the way we do business.

Réseaux d’employés SUSE

Les réseaux d’employés SUSE sont conçus pour créer un environnement inclusif et diversifié pour les employés, facilitant ainsi la collaboration et le support au sein de l’entreprise.

Pride @ SUSE

Our mission is to work together to help members thrive and succeed while encouraging everyone to bring their authentic selves to work every day. Together, we will continually demonstrate the value of diversity at SUSE and within our own communities.

SUSE Women in Tech

Our mission is to empower, equipping every woman within the network with access to learning and development opportunities (e.g., professional development and networking opportunities) so they can advance their careers in technology.

SUSE GoGreen

Our mission is to promote initiatives that help SUSE (including employees, suppliers, partners, communities and customers) act responsibly when thinking about their collective environmental impact on the Earth.

SUSE Open Source Community Citizens

Our mission is foster connection and inspiration among current and aspiring open source enthusiasts and to learn about, unite, empower and support open source communities inside and outside SUSE.


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